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How do I deliver my film to the Canes Film Festival?


You will deliver two versions of your film - the first on Vimeo for Judging. The second will be a quicktime for the actual screening at the Cosford.


The best format for uploading my film to Vimeo for the judges?

Remeber that Vimeo has upload limits on the size of your film. Check your account.



TECH SPECS for delivering your film to screen at the Cosford.


Please upload your films to screen at the festival by Monday May 1st at noon.


We ask that you deliver your film as a quicktime (.mov) file with an H.264 codec.

Encoded using the following settings:

1. Resolution/Aspect Ratio:

    a. 1920 x 1080 (1.78:1 - 16x9, HD),

    b. 1998X1080 (1.85:1 flat), or

    c. 2048X858 (2.39:1 scope).

    d. If you have a film in 1.66:1 or 1.37:1 or another non standard ratio, please contact us.


2. 23.98fps, 24fps, or 30fps. Please only send files that are progressive

scan. Interlace files will look degraded and have a ghostly frame



3. Please do not put color bars or tone in your file.


4. Please put three seconds of black at the beginning of your film and at

the end.


5. Subtitles must be “burned in” and positioned in the “active” picture

area, not in letter-boxed region.


Please label the file with its name and aspect

ratio: YOURFILMNAME_<AspectRatioOfYourFilm>.mov


Following these specifications will help ensure your film looks the best we

can make it look.


UPLOAD YOUR SCREENING VERSION OF THE FILM TO: (this is the version we will screen at the Cosford)

Use either a laptop connected to SecureCanes or a computer in an SoC lab or classroom. One of our desktop computers is preferable since the upload will be a lot faster.



·  Open the Finder and select Go->Connect to Server from the top menu

·  Use this address and click the Connect button: smb://

·  Drag and drop the video INTO the folder named “submissions”



·   Copy and paste this address into the search bar by the start menu button: \\\canesfilmfest

·   Drag and drop the video INTO the folder named “submissions”








Can I use some other streaming site besides Vimeo?

No – There must be consistency for the Judges.


May I use a different password on my online entry?

No - if you choose to password protect your film, canes2017 must be used.


Can I change my link after I send it to the festival?



Can I change the film that is associated with my online link?

Yes - You may update the file– but DO NOT change the link.  We can’t guarantee that the judges will see the last updated version, so you should try your best to upload the final version by the deadline.


What are the video specifications for screening at the festival?

We will accept any digital format that can run on your computer. Some flavor of Quicktime is best.

(Make sure it runs smoothly on your computer)


Why is the deadline for entry to the festival 2 weeks before the Festival?

To be able to have 100+ films organized, send to judges, have the judges watch them, rate each film, get responses and tally them - we need at least two weeks.  We would do it quicker if we could.


I worked harder on my film than any other student – Can I have special rules applied to my project?

We know it’s hard to believe, but every student has worked just as hard on their project.  We have to apply the rules equally to all projects.


Do I have to compete or can I just screen my project during the festival?

You DON’T have to compete, you can just screen your film, but you must fill out an entry form by the deadline of April 12th.


If I don’t want my film judged why do I have to deliver my film so early?

You don't - We still need your information and your completed entry form by the deadline of April 12th- but you don't have to compete.  We have to get all the completed entry forms with running times to be able to program the festival's schedule.  Final versions of the film for screening at the Cosford are not due until the Wednesday before the festival.


What kind of picture should I send for the program?

Remember that the picture will be about 1 inch squared!  It’s not a good idea to have any text.


When will I know what time my film will screen?

After we collect all the films we take a 2-3 days to put the program together.   This will give you an idea of what day and time your film will be scheduled.


Can I ask for a specific time to screen my film?

No – If we had all students ask for specific time it would be very complicated.


I want to invite some folks to the screening.  What’s the exact time my film screens?

The program is scheduled in categories. ALL films screen within the category time-slots.  We cannot guarantee the start time of a specific film, but we try to guarantee the start time of a category.  We would rather your family and crew watch the entire category.  It is distracting when groups come in and out for one particular film.  Would you want people leaving just before your film?


My parents are coming from out of town for the festival – May I reserve seats for them?

You will have to ask a friend to reserve seats.  We don’t have the resources to hold seats. But we would love to meet the parents.


I want to help organize the Canes Film Festival, who do I contact?

We already like you!  Contact


May I apply with my short script?

No - We only accept feature lenght screenplays or hour long episodic TV scripts.